Hafnium Oxide

The insulative properties of our hafnium oxide material make it a great choice for components that will be used in high temperature applications.

Hafnium oxide has similarities with zirconium as they have share the same structure type both form MO2 oxides and both undergo monoclinic to tetragonal phase change when heated.

This material features many benefits including:

  • Excellent for use in high temperature applications up to 2500°C
  • Excellent insulator
  • Non toxic
  • An affinity for neutron capture

These benefits mean this material is a great choice for products used in industries where high temperatures are present such as oil &gas/petrochemical and industrial heating, having found use in applications such as:

  • High temperature thermocouples
  • High temperature heaters
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors.

Our engineers will work closely with you to select the right material for your product / end application with all materials / products offering full traceability.

For more information on how hafnium oxide can be used for your product or application, contact us today.